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23 Mar , 2011 Movies

Back when I was running BlueTights, I used to host a Superman Returns-focused podcast with British comedian Lee Chapman. We only got through 23 weekly episodes, but I always thought they were good ones. The name of the podcast came from a short video piece that was shot explicitly to be used in the background of the Superman Returns film. You can see the original video here. After the jump, you can listen to and download all 23 episodes of our show.

Issue #1 – Hello from the Internet!

– An empty mailbox, and a ton of news – Halloween masks, Stephan
Bender likes to jump, Jeff Gordon’s gonna FLY at Daytona, and Singer is bringing
a surprise to Wondercon! Forum topics – the trailer, Jason White, and Jimmy’s


Issue #2 – Superman Flies to WonderCon

– We created this special edition of SuperTalk Concern to cover the
surprise appearance of Brandon Routh at WonderCon 2006. Discussion about the BT
member meet-up, Brandon’s appearance, and Bryan Singer takes some time to answer
a few questions about the film.


Issue #3 – In the Shadow of John Williams

– Doug Adams from Film Score Monthly joins us to discuss the
challenges that John Ottman faces in adapting Wiliams classic score for a modern
film and audience. In addition, we open up the SuperTalk Mailbox for the first
time, and discuss recent SR news – Routh playing Basketball, potential for a
Returns sequel, and the trailer for the SR Video Game.


Issue #4 – Underwear on the Outside

– Lots to cover today – more emails from listeners, a HUGE SR Photo
Dump from WB, more video game information, Celebrate the Year Superman Returns,
Spacey talks sequels, plus a ton of forum talk, including some clarity about the
recent spoiler/non-spoiler forum split. Also we make a call to the fans for
everyone to start wearing their underwear on the outside!


Issue #5 – Biggest. Show. Ever.

– Rumors and Ratings and Trailers, oh my! We cover a TON of
exciting news from the last two weeks, and tackle a very full mail bag. Also
introduce our new “call-in” messages and talk about the Do-It-Yourself Fortress
of Solitude kit!


Issue #6 – Super Landscaping Powers

– This week there’s a ton of good stuff in the email bag, including
some great ideas for show topics. Also we cover a lot of quick news including
IMAX 3D, an HBO First Look, and the current cover of EW magazine.


Issue #6.5 – Fan-Made ShoWest Trailer Storyboards

– A Fan-Made storyboard mock-up of the ShoWest trailer from this
year’s WB Presentation. Using an online description of the footage, two fans recreated the trailer in storyboard format, and now you can
watch it in your enhanced iTunes window.


Issue #7 – His Hair Moves!

– The marketing has begun! Tons of Superman Returns photos, Video
Game news, Trailer hints GALORE, and an amazing new ad from Australia! Where do
we even begin?


Issue #8 – Did you see the trailer?!

– The words on everyone’s lips: Did you see the trailer? Lots of
trailer discussion, tons of email, Singer’s Superman documentary, some GREAT
forum topics, and even a part 2 that covers the Superman Returns set visits


Issue #8.5 – Superman Returns Set Visit

– Finally! Everyone’s emailed me to ask about the Superman Returns
set visits, and finally I can talk about them. This special segment of Issue 8
is entirely devoted to the set visits from last summer


Issue #9 – A Jolly Good Show!

– Another 52 minute episode – We talk trailers, bus stops, posters,
official site updates, more line-up info, and a new BT contest. We even venture
into bad accents and all good natured frivolity.


Issue #10 – Tenthennial Anniversary!

– We celebrate our tenth episode in style – with a spoiler-free
review of Superman Returns! And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got more email,
forum talk abuot Chris Reeve and Brandon Routh, and a very amusing audio clip
from Kevin Spacey about how he tormented newcomer Brandon Routh on the set of
Superman Returns.


Issue #11 – Look to the Line!

– It’s finally here! We recorded the growing excitement over the
course of the 24-hour line-up at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood,
California! Superman has returned, and we’ve got all the excitement right here!


Issue #12 – The Ending Never Changes

– The movie is out, and we’re just about ready to start picking it
apart. This week we discuss lots of little goodies, and a good bit about profits
and sequels. We also go over some format changes that will be coming to
SuperTalk Concern now that the film is out. And yes, the ending is always the


Issue #13 – Sequels for Everyone!

– Our topical discussions start with this issue, and first on the
list is Sequels. We asked listeners to send in some of their sequel thoughts,
and we break down our own ideas on what we want to see in future Superman films.


Issue #14 – Kryptonian Heritage

– Our topical discussions continue with issue 14. This time we’re
covering Kryptonian Heritage, and what you want to see carried into the Superman
Returns sequel. We cover some sequel news and box office earnings, and open up
the search for a guest co-host!


Issue #15 – Super Villains United

– Guest co-host Rob joins us this week for our look at Super
Villains in the Superman Returns Sequel. We cover a few bits of Superman Returns
news about the DVD, and talk about which villains listeners want to see throwing
down with Superman in the future.


Issue #16 – Super Friends! Super-Late Friends!

– I know! We’re late! With the server move and the new Planet look,
I was Super-Swamped, but we’re back with a Super-Issue! This time it’s the
Challenge of the SuperFriends! You told us which friendlies you wanted to see in
the Superman Returns sequels, and we responded in kind. Also, we cover a TON of
Ultimate DVD info, Video Game stuff, and STC starts to spread it’s wings a
little more – and we think you’ll like it!


Issue #17 – Thy Kingdom Come!

– As promised, SuperTalk Concern is spreading it’s wings. This week
– Zack Snyder on Watchmen, DCU Animated Extravaganza, bits of ’52’, go read DMZ,
Superman Returns: The Video Game, and a whole load of Batman The Dark Knight!


Issue #18 – A Visit to Ludovico

– Lots of great Superman and Batman related news today as we cover
the latest from The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, The Batman, and Action
Comics, as well as a world without the big heroes in the new 52 podcast from DC.
We take some viewer emails, and head over to Ludovico Technique to talk to Rob
Burnett, Producer and Director of Bryan Singer’s behind the scenes production
blogs as well as Requiem for Kryopton, the behind the scenes documentary on the
Superman Returns DVD.


Issue #19 – Launching in Style

– Wonder Woman gets pushed again, this time so we can pay a visit
to the Red Carpet Superman Returns DVD and Video Game Launch Party! Listen in
for interview with several attendees from the event, including Superman himself,
Brandon Routh. I was so flustered by it all that not only do I mispronounce
Jamal Igle’s name in this issue, but I horribly miscalculate the time until the
release of The Dark Knight! Yes, all these mistakes and more, plus a TON of
great DC-on-Film news can be yours with one easy download!


Issue #20 – Do They Mean England?

– Finally! Wonder Woman is here! In our 20th issue, we talk about
Man of Steel Cameos, Dates with Paris Hilton, and then spend the latter half of
the show discussing Wonder Woman with listener emails! Also, we announce the
winner of the Kryptin Contest, and try out a new outro tune!


Issue #21 – Beware Our Power!

– With our usual does of fun and frivolity, today we cover tons of
Dark Knight news, some Wonder Woman rumors, more Flash Speculation, and wrap it
all up with a Mail Box discussion of everyone’s favorite Emerald Crusaders – The
Green Lanter Corps!


Issue #22 – Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman

– After a mysterious absence, SuperTalk Concern has returned. In
this episode, we talk about some big shake-ups in the DC-on-film universe
including shake-ups for Wonder Woman and The Flash, plus progress on both
Watchmen and a live action Justice League film! In the second segment of the
show, I’ll read from an SR movie prop the article written by Lois Lane entitled
‘Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman.’


Issue #23 – The Man of Steel is Back!

– Following last issue’s reading of ‘Why the World Doesn’t Need
Superman,’ we dive into another article from the Daily Planet. This time, it’s
‘The Man of Steel is Back!’ Before we get to that, though, we cover some
fantastic emails, including a response to last week’s article, and a whole mess
of DC movie news – Superman Returns, The Dark Knight, Constantine 2, Watchmen,
and Shazam!