15 Minutes of Game – Episode 4

25 Sep , 2010 15 Minutes of Game

15 Minutes of Game LogoA subject that’s been coming up a lot lately has been the debate over whether Carmine Must Die or to Save Carmine. In this episode, I go on and on about why I think Carmine Must Die, and Weezul (via telephone) tries to play devil’s advocate. So, without further ado, a humble discussion about the fate of one Clay Carmine.

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So give it a listen, then come back and let us know what you think in the comments – should Carmine live, or should he die?


7 Responses

  1. Kaylila says:

    i agree Carmine should Die. But if Dom dies in his place that would be deep. Jaw dropper deep.

  2. lisacollins says:

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    sixokay & weezul,
    I have listen to the “Carmine MUST die” podcast many times, just to be sure that I understand your (sixokay’s) reasoning.

    As a writer, I can understand the methodology of the argument for the death of Carmine #3 (Clay) must die.

    Paraphrased sixokay:

    All of the Carmines have died, so Clay should as well. The Carmines represent the fragility of humanity, so Clay should die. If the Carmines do not die then nothing is at stake for the main characters of the story. Also Clay Carmine being a buff guy dies then perhaps even our hero might die.

    Sixokay’s Twitter comment to me (coolvstar650)

    @coolvstar650 lol, alright. I’m gonna make @weezul talk about this with me in an episode of @15MinutesOfGame . . .#CarmineMustDie”

    @coolvstar650 You’re a writer, and you want Carmine to live? Giving up all the symbolic value that the word “Carmine” has in Gears? Booooo.”

    I do understand the meaning of the word/name Carmine: a vivid red; resembling the color of blood; created from crushed insects.

    From a writer’s perspective I must look at the idea of a trilogy. In most three part acts of fantasy and science fiction you have three ideas that are the overarching theme of each book (or for this discussion, game installment). Generally these themes can be boiled down to these basic ideas:

    Act one, An intrepid band of heroes meet insurmountable evil and devise a plan to hold that evil at bay, and do.
    Act two, Our band of heroes take their plans to the next level—defeat the plague of evil in the land. By the end of the story they may actually believe that they have accomplished their goals, but in the end the campaign is an epic fail, even if evil has been put at bay once more. Our band of heroes must have lost their innocent notions of easy victory and deeply feel loss.
    Act three, By this time our heroes are worn, possibly desperate, damaged mentally and physically, and most definitely ticked off. This is when they get down to the business at hand and stomp out the evil once and for all.

    Taking this as my basis of understanding, I believe that Clay Carmine should live. In act three of the trilogy our band of heroes must rally and although the Carmines in the game have been more like the red-shirts in Star Trek. I think that Clay being the bearer of the memory of Anthony and Benjamin must live in order to preserve that memory. Also as the representative of the “fragility of humanity” Clay must also show the other side of humanity. The side that says, “The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And I will make them pay for what they’ve done.” [Keeping with Star Trek]

    As far as the writing and development issues, those can be overcome and should be. [I am not saying it will be easy.] Going back to the idea of the three act theme. The third act of a trilogy is usually the hardest to write. It is time to bring out your best work, finish the time line, and take your audience on a whirlwind fast paced adventure where ultimately humanity prevails.

    Letting Clay Carmine live does not preclude that bad things will not or should not happen to him. They should! Clay, just like humanity must be knocked down, think that all is lost, then pick himself up by the bootstraps and show evil what he and all the Carmines (humans) are made of far firmer stuff.

  3. Six Okay says:

    You’ve not convinced me entirely, but you’ve made a compelling argument. I just think that It’s Marcus & Co who are the ones that should draw the proverbial line in the sand, not Clay. But thanks for the comments. some good thinking fodder in there. Oh, and yeah… Carmine must die.

  4. Johnny Phoenix says:

    IMO, Carmine should take off his helmet before dying and yeah i want Carmine must die so i can cry like i did in the end of MGS4 😉

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