Six Questions with Steve Artlip

26 Apr , 2010 Community

I’ve only worked with Steve Artlip on a few occasions, but his name comes up in every gaming community conversation I have. He’s hosted his own podcasts, launched a successful community of other people’s videogame podcasts, and spoken on community panels at gaming conventions like the Penny Arcade Expo.  Today, he’s answering six questions.

1. When you’re not manning the keel at Platform Nation, what’s your day job?

Steve: I actually work full time at the Post Office doing all sorts of really boring stuff. Luckily for me, I always have a large selection of gaming podcasts to get me through the day.
2. How did Platform Nation get started?

Steve: As an idea of leaving a show that I was on with Jose Adrovet (Gui J) and a bunch of other really close friends but wanting to stay a part of the same community.  We thought it would be best to add another show or two to our group and really build a large podcasting community.
3. What do you think makes a strong online community?

Steve: A good base of close friends followed up with a welcoming environment for any newcomers to the group. To help keep it strong, events like gaming nights and using things like Twitter and Facebook can help to keep them engaged and coming back for more. 
4. If you had to give up one of your gaming systems today, which one would it be and why?

Steve: Umm, no question for me, the Nintendo Wii has to go.  I don’t really use it anyways. Not to discount some of the great games on that console, but it really isn’t a system that is targeted at me.
5. What is your favorite gaming community site that isn’t a member of Platform Nation?

Steve: Now this is a hard question, there are so many great community sites out there, and I’m friends with so many of the people that run them.  I’d have to say that, and are some of my favorites. It’s too hard for me to pick one. The reason that I have to pick these guys is because I’ve actually met the people that run them and they are all really great people that are actually out working to better the gaming community and not just make a name for themselves.
6. If you could have your dream job in the game industry, what would that job be?

Steve: I’d love to get a job doing a little of what I do now, something like a Community Manager position because I just really love to work with the communities that are out there.


Steve is founder of the Platform Nation community of podcasts. You can visit them on the web at To hear more from Steve, follow him on Twitter.

Six Questions is a weekly Q&A with gaming community site leaders. The goal is to meet the folks who start online communities, to learn about why they do it, and to hear their different perspectives on what makes for a strong online community.

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  1. Steve519 says:

    Thanks for the interview Justin!

  2. Nice Job! Steve is doing a great service with P*N not only is it community based bringing gamers together, but he also helps writers get a start on writing for a gaming website and that is awesome in itself!

  3. Desz says:

    Nice interview. Thanks for the kind words Steve, but in all honest true, we just want to get rich! Lol, Im kidding, we learned tons from Steve519, and I gurantee, that you will get a community manager role soon Steve.

    Stay up!