The Formula for the Perfect Little Soldiers

23 Apr , 2010 Videogames

A while back, you may have seen a little illustration I did of the Master Chief inspired by the Power Puff Girls. See, I was a big fan of the PPG back in the days, to the point of owning the DVD’s. My daughter loves to watch them now, and while I was watching over her shoulder, I thought it would be funny to draw the Chief that way. I sketched a couple doodles on a notepad, then took it a little further. Well, once I had the bug in my brain, I couldn’t let it go. So without further ado, meet…

Noble Team Spartans Logo

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to the logo, I created front, left and right views for each of the Spartans (except the new number six):







And finally, the action shot:

 Noble Team Action

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  1. sdwrage says:

    Oh snap 🙂 looks sexy.

  2. Cynn says:

    This is too sweet man. The PPG was a great show. Were’s the Mojo Elite? 🙂

  3. sixokay says:

    HA! I actually was going to make the Prophet of Mojo. 🙂 I supposed that an Elite would probably go better with the Reach theme, though. I’ll give it a go if I have time.

  4. aceattorney says:

    Can’t wait to see some cutified Elites and Brutes!

  5. Danny says:

    Oh yeah! Coming to Cartoon Network when? 🙂

  6. bs angel says:

    Catherine’s arm makes me giggle! :rofl:

  7. sixokay says:

    Catherine’s arm and Emil’s mask are my favorite parts 😉

  8. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    That’s inspired. Nice work!