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Creative<br />Direction


A creative and dynamic leader who believes that human beings connect through stories of all types – film, interactive design, theater, conversation, and more.

Marketing & Community

Marketing & Community

Bridging the gap between creators and consumers to make better products and happier users.

Production & Hosting

Production & Hosting

More than ten years of experience producing and hosting shows, ranging from superhero podcasts to on-stage hosting of competitions at major videogame conventions.


Take a look at some of the projects I’ve managed over the years.

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What’s a SixOkay, anyway?

SixOkay is the online moniker of Justin Korthof, a Dallas-based creative professional. The name comes from the first videogame that Justin worked on, Medal of Honor Airborne. The game featured US Airborne troops that began every level in a C-47 airplane, calling out their readiness to parachute into battle. In a promotional video for the game, the player camera turns around just in time to see the soldier behind you yell out “Six okay! Okay to go!” The name stuck immediately. Over time, the name has taken on a secondary meaning – “Your six is okay.” Or, to put it another way, “I’ve got your back.”

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