The New Supercostume

5 Aug , 2011 Movies,Superheroes

The New Supercostume

You know how it is. A photo of a superhero is released, the internet goes mad, and you just can’t stop looking at it. I know I sure can’t. Yesterday’s revealing image of Zack Snyder’s Superman was a stark contrast to the reveal image of Bryan Singer’s Superman, and set a very clear tone for […]

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Why So Serious?

3 Feb , 2011 Uncategorized,Videogames

Since the earliest messaging about Epic Games’ upcoming sci-fi shooter Bulletstorm, the studio has been very clear about one thing  – in a sea of “serious shooters,” they wanted to make shooters fun again. And by all accounts, they’ve done just that. The demo has recieved a lot of love, and their marketing campaign is […]

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Inception, The Greatest Trick Nolan Ever Pulled

28 Dec , 2010 Movies

My wife and I finally got the chance to watch Inception recently. I know, I know, we’re behind. We chatted about the movie a bit afterward, and the next day she had a pretty awesome take on what the film was about. I asked her to write up her analysis so that I could post […]

Welcome to Noble Team- UPDATED

27 Apr , 2010 Videogames

UPDATED: I’ve added a few more shots and notes to the breakdown now that the extended version of the trailer has been released. Some shots will be out of order due to the additions. By now, you’ve no doubt seen the new live-action trailer promoting the upcoming Beta for Halo: Reach, and if you’re like […]

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Brothers To The End.

13 Apr , 2010 Videogames

Last night we all got our first legitimate look at what Gears of War 3 might have to offer. I spent the evening speculating on Twitter about what the story might bring us, and decided to compile several of my thoughts here. In the interest of full disclosure, when I was working on Gears I was […]

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