It’s About Perspective

15 Jul , 2014 Superheroes

It’s About Perspective

People try to tell me that Superman is simple and naive. They try to suggest to me that Batman’s more psychologically complex stories are where adults REALLY gravitate. And in many cases, they do. But I actually do think that Batman represents a certain type of naievete. Batman is about trying to CONTROL your environment. […]


Man of Steel isn’t about Superman, And It Never Was

23 Nov , 2013 Movies,Superheroes

Man of Steel isn’t about Superman, And It Never Was

Nearly two and a half years ago I wrote an article called “The Green Lantern Franchise Isn’t About Green Lantern.” I made several assertions in the article, and while I may have been a bit ahead of myself, I still maintain that the core idea is true. However, with the financial and critical failing of […]

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On Batfleck

23 Aug , 2013 Movies,Superheroes

On Batfleck

I got a call last night while I was driving to meet up with some friends. The call was from my friend Arune, a fellow hardcore Superman fan. He was calling to ask me what I thought of Ben Affleck as Batman. I thought, at first, that this was just the latest rumor circling the […]

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15 Minutes of Game – Episode 8

27 Oct , 2010 15 Minutes of Game,Movies

This episode, in which we totally intended to talk about other topics entirely, gets taken over by discussion of comic book films, primarily The Dark Knight Rises, and a little bit of some other stuff. We also briefly discuss WootStock, our new Facebook page and… other things! Download – Episode 8 Listen: Subscribe via iTunes. You […]

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