Passive Passenger

20 May , 2013 Uncategorized

Passive Passenger

Tonight my kids and I were playing pirates. Our journey turned out to be murderous and epic. After they went to bed, I decided that I really wanted to document the events of the evening, so I put together a faux narrative in the form of a pirates journal entry. Check it out below!


Why So Serious?

3 Feb , 2011 Uncategorized,Videogames

Since the earliest messaging about Epic Games’ upcoming sci-fi shooter Bulletstorm, the studio has been very clear about one thingĀ  – in a sea of “serious shooters,” they wanted to make shooters fun again. And by all accounts, they’ve done just that. The demo has recieved a lot of love, and their marketing campaign is […]

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Please RT.

20 Oct , 2010 Uncategorized

Yesterday, a small bit of dust was kicked up about whether or not it was okay to ask for followers or to ask for retweets. The implication of an original post was that it was a “faux-pas” to do either of these things. While I’ll definitely back up that it’s generally a faux-pas to ask […]

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How Do You Cast Your Pod?

10 Sep , 2010 Uncategorized

Hey folks – Okay, so a ton of folks on twitter the other day started suggesting that @weezul and I start doing a podcast. We’re entertaining the idea, for sure. There is experimenting afoot. Since the idea came from the internet, we want your help with a few things. First of all, we’re interested in […]

My PAX Schedule

1 Sep , 2010 Uncategorized

Hey folks! So there are a ton of community people I want to meet up with at PAX. I’m not sure what everyone’s schedule looks like, but I figured I’d post mine. If you’re looking for me, here’s where you can find me and when: The green items are the ones that I’m directly involved […]

My Apologies

25 Jun , 2010 Uncategorized

So, no doubt you’ve seen that I’m not posting much at the moment. I owe the visitors an apology for that. See, I’ve been basically living like a homeless person for a while in my own home. With the move to Texas, my family had to stay behind for a few months. I’ve spent the […]