A Very Big Thanks!

8 Sep , 2010 Community

Hey everyone – I just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody who came out to the PAX panel on Sunday. It was great to see so many people in the room! I was really kind of afraid that about 10 people would show up, and it would all be people with whom I […]

Get Scrappy

12 Aug , 2010 Community,Movies

As a community site competing for attention against major gaming press sites, you’ve got a lot less resources to work with. Instead of lamenting your miserable lot in life, you should be concentrating on being scrappy. What’s that mean? It means worry less about pomp and circumstance, and more about getting the job done effeciently […]

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What Are You Bringing to the Block Party?

28 Jul , 2010 Community

I want to share with you an analogy that has come up for me many times in the past few years, whether it’s during job interviews or simply when discussing my philosophy on Community Management with my superiors, peers, or co-workers. 

So I Have This Website…

9 Jul , 2010 Community

So it’s been a while since I posted much around here, but if you’ve been enjoying the little bits of advice I’ve been posting here on the blog, you’re going to want to stop by a little panel I’ll be hosting at PAX Prime this year. Details after the jump….

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Dealing with Publisher Rejection

25 May , 2010 Community

First of all, sorry about the time away from posting any blogs, but New Austin isn’t going to clean itself up, now is it? With so many great games coming out recently, and with E3 just around the corner, I wanted to touch on a subject no doubt many of you that run smaller community […]

Six Questions with Liam Ashley

17 May , 2010 Community

It was late at night after a long day of Gears of War 2 Horde mode at the 2008 E for All show in Los Angeles. That was the first day that we’d begun handing out the massive metal COG tags to help promote the Gears of War “Last Day” marketing campaign. The website was […]

Six Tips for Dealing With Trolls

12 May , 2010 Community

If you build an online community of a certain population, you’ll inevitably come across those problematic, fun-killing individuals known as Trolls. There’s an old saying that says that “One bad apple spoils the bunch,” but you don’t have to let that happen for your community. While most would jump immediately to banning these ne’er-do-wells, I […]

Six Questions with Sara Nicholson

10 May , 2010 Community

The first time I really interacted directly with Sara Nicholson, I was sending her an apology over IM. Long story short, I’d accidentally included a private email address on a CC line instead of a BCC when I sent out an email blast. At the time, she was working at GamerScore Blog, and had no […]

Six Questions with Chris Brown

3 May , 2010 Community

 Chris Brown loves games. Chris Brown loves his wife, Kelly. Kelly Brown loves games. A match made in heaven? It would certainly seem so, and their mutual love for videogames has launched this couple into the broader gaming community with their site The Married Gamers. The site is exactly what it sounds like – a […]

Six Questions with Steve Artlip

26 Apr , 2010 Community

I’ve only worked with Steve Artlip on a few occasions, but his name comes up in every gaming community conversation I have. He’s hosted his own podcasts, launched a successful community of other people’s videogame podcasts, and spoken on community panels at gaming conventions like the Penny Arcade Expo.  Today, he’s answering six questions.