Why SOPA Matters to Me

18 Jan , 2012 Community

I’m sad to hear that Warner Brothers supports SOPA. in 2004 I started a little fansite called BlueTights. The focus on was featuring constructive conversations about the in-development-hell Superman movie to better communicate with Warner Brothers about what Superman fans wanted from the film instead of just complaining about the production company ruining everything. That […]

Is Your Community Self-Sustaining?

27 Jul , 2011 Community

With the recent announcement of the closing of Borders bookstores, my wife Deborah (a dyed-in-the-wool book lover) and I were talking about the inevitable movement away from large mega-corporation stores to more sustainable local community stores. We’re already seeing a huge movement in the United States toward buying local produce, and Deb and I both […]

How Not To Get Pigeon-Holed

13 Jul , 2011 15 Minutes of Game,Community

The latest episode of 15 Minutes of Game is out. In it, Jon and I talk about how not to get pigeon-holed as being the “X” guy when you’re trying to get into Community Management. It’s something that can happen easily. So many people come into community management by running their own third-party community sites. […]

15 Minutes of Game – Episode 18

3 Jan , 2011 15 Minutes of Game,Community

Following up on our last episode, we talk about what to do after you’ve been invited to a community summit. We share with you some of the stories we’ve collected about what not to do at a summit, and give you some advice about tailoring your coverage to ensure that you get invited back every […]


15 Minutes of Game – Episode 17

29 Dec , 2010 15 Minutes of Game,Community

So you’ve heard all about these awesome community summits where community sites are invited to studios to look at games early, but you can’t seem to get yourself invitd to one. Well, we’ve hosted several of these events between the two of us, and in this episode, we’re going to talk a bit about how to get […]


Six Things You Should Read

24 Sep , 2010 Community

On a couple of recent occasions, I’ve been asked to give advice to folks who were looking to get a Community Management job. One of the topics that tends to come up is reading material. There’s a ton of stuff out there about a varying range of social media marketing, community building and management, and […]

The New Is Not For Me

15 Sep , 2010 Community

I was pretty excited last night as word started swirling around about some awesome Twitter news. Ultimately, that news was that was getting a new layout and making it easier to view media in your stream. And profiles are easier to see now, too, it seems. Overall, everything looks great. They should be proud […]