15 Minutes of Game – The Post-Show

26 Nov , 2010 15 Minutes of Game,Movies

15 Minutes of Game LogoHey everyone –

As we’ve mentioned, Jon and I spend a lot of time chatting before and after the recordings of 15 Minutes of Game. In fact, it’s often where a lot of our show topics come from. Several listeners have asked us on Twitter if we’d ever record one of these chats and post it. We’re still not sure why you want to hear it, but after our last show, I hit the record button midway through a Green Lantern conversation, and now all of your wishes and dreams can come true! Below is a special hour-long chat that we’re calling our Thanksgiving Holiday Special for reasons unbeknownst to me. But give it a listen anyway if you want some insights into how our conversation topics come about!

Download: 2010 Thanksgiving “Special”



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  1. JohnnyPhoenix says:

    Justin and Jon thank you…seriously you just made my Study Trip (the travel time) listening to this seriously thanks a lot