15 Minutes of Game – Episode 2

16 Sep , 2010 15 Minutes of Game

15 Minutes of Game LogoWelcome back to 15 Minutes of Game. It would be impossible to not discuss Halo: Reach this week, so after some brief introductions, we spend a few minutes discussing Reach… but not the gameplay. Then it’s on to the focus of this week’s show – Twitter. Give it a listen below:

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We could likely have spent much more time talking about Twitter, and will undoubtedly do so in future episodes. If there’s anything specific you’d like us to talk about, remember that we can be reached via email (15minutesofgame [at] gmail [dot] com) or on twitter (@15MinutesOfGame). Shoot us any questions, comments, etc, and I promise we’ll do everything we can to get them in.

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  1. Interesting show this week (hits close to home for me considering how much I use Twitter, LOL!) Would love to hear you guys address other means of social networking as well in a future show like FB, Tumbler, Buzz, ect… Would you/do you utilize them in the same manner as Twitter or do they sit in a different category altogether?