A Very Big Thanks!

8 Sep , 2010 Community

Hey everyone –

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody who came out to the PAX panel on Sunday. It was great to see so many people in the room! I was really kind of afraid that about 10 people would show up, and it would all be people with whom I regularly talk about community… at length. But you all showed up, and it was awesome! So thanks for coming!

There were a ton of questions that we weren’t able to get to. Through the magic of the internet, though, we can keep the panel going! I just wanted to extend the invite to any of you that had more questions. Either leave them in the comments, or hit up any of us on Twitter and we’d be happy to keep chatting! You should also feel free to leave any general feedback you had about the panel. I think I’d like to do it again, and evolve it to be more useful based on your feedback.

  • Justin Korthof – @sixokay
  • James Stevenson – @JamesStevenson
  • Matthew Pruitt – @MatthewPruitt
  • Sam Houston – @SamHouston

Thanks again everyone!

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  1. I had one that we didn’t have time to get to (I was in line and everything!) Anyway, you guys had all discussed how you transitioned from “this side” to “that side”. However, that was quite a few years ago. How does the recent boom of social networking impact that transition? Especially in the case of folks like me who aren’t working a game-specific fan site.

    In my case specifically – since I knew I wasn’t going to be focusing on a certain game or franchise – I’ve been focused on my individual brand. Is that the right move? Was there anything else that I should be doing?

  2. Seeson says:

    LOVED the panel. Sorry I was 5 minutes late. I wish there was more time to pick your brains. Sinnix and I were talking about how there should’ve been some tips that you guys could’ve given us that worked out for you personally for your websites. It was great to hear stories from both sides from the fence. Great panel!

  3. HotelQueen says:

    Thanks for putting on the panel, it was a great topic. Hopefully we can see the next installment at PAX East.

  4. sixokay says:

    David – Focusing on your brand is a big part of it. If people like what you’re selling, they’ll come back. I touched on this a little bit in the panel when I said “have a philosophy” about your site. If you want to cover everything, that’s fine, but cover it with an angle that no one else is doing. What makes your coverage worth looking at when compared to the other thousands of sites covering the exact same things from the exact same press releases.

  5. sixokay says:

    Seeson – yea, Sinnix and I talked more about that a bit at the airport. I want to add more of that into the next panel we do. I intended for a lot more time for Q&A, so we could get to specific cases, but alas. We talked long… mostly I did, because it’s really hard to shut me up when I get going.