So I Have This Website…

9 Jul , 2010 Community

So it’s been a while since I posted much around here, but if you’ve been enjoying the little bits of advice I’ve been posting here on the blog, you’re going to want to stop by a little panel I’ll be hosting at PAX Prime this year. Details after the jump….

So I Have This Website…

You’ve spent the time and money building your community site, and now you’re looking to take it to the next level. Maybe you want to get a job as a professional Community Manager, or maybe you’re just looking for tips on how to get publishers to pay more attention to your site. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been running a site for years, this panel is the best place to get your questions answered. Together, these community managers have represented some of the biggest franchises, developers, and publishers in the game industry, and most of them started out just like you – running a fan site.

Panelists include: Justin Korthof [Community Manager, Robot Entertainment], Matthew Pruitt [FPS Community Manager, Electronic Arts], Jon Goff [Community Manager, 343 Industries], James Stevenson [Senior Community Manager, Insomniac Games]

Place/Time/Date: Sunday, September 5th, 12:30pm in the Wolfman Theater

So with that said, we’ll see you at PAX! And I promise to start blogging again soon! 🙂

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  1. Seeson says:

    Sounds great! Count me in. 🙂

  2. sara says:

    Hope I make it out there for PAX and definitely want to see this if I do!

  3. Moe Fwacky says:

    I’ll be there.

  4. Warblade says:

    I’ll see ya at PAX good sir!