Six Questions with Danny Pena

19 Apr , 2010 Community

 I first met Danny Pena, better known in the gaming community as “Godfree”, almost four years ago. As I was working on building up my community leader rolodex, Danny was recommended to me by fellow EALA Community Manager Aaron Kaufman (@EA_APoc). Back then, Danny was really just getting started with his Hip-Hop/Gaming-fusion podcast, Gamertag Radio, but he already stood out as one of the most interesting characters on the Xbox360 community. Over the last four years, he and his dedicated staff have built the site into one of the most recognized videogame news sources around. Today, he’s answering six questions.

 1. When you’re not playing host on Gamertag Radio, what’s your day job?

Danny: As of right now this is my fulltime job.
2. How did Gamertag Radio get started?

Danny: I actually had the idea a long time ago because I always wanted to do a radio show based on gaming and this was actually leading back all the way to 2000 or 2001. Back then I had another radio show online called PSO Radio based on Sega’s game Phantasy Star Online. Things went good with that show, but I ended up putting that show to the side for a while so I could focus on some more of the hip hop stuff that I was doing at that time with music labels in Miami, FL. But now with Gamertag Radio, we came out with an idea to do something for the Xbox Live community. Years later we are now focus on gaming in general and Hip Hop culture.

3. What do you think makes a strong online community?

Danny: Keeping in touch with your community is the most crucial component. Also, always remember to be true to yourself and your commitment to what you do.
4. If you had to choose between running a hip-hop community or a gaming community, which would you choose and why?

Danny: I can’t choose one. That’s why with GTR we focus on both communities. right now there’s too not many sites that successfully combine them both together.
5. What is your favorite gaming community site other than your own?

Danny: There’s a few sites that people should check out. I like which has some great writers & podcasters. Also is one of my favorite gaming shows out there.
6. If you could have your dream job in the game industry, what would that job be?

I would like to be a podcaster for gaming companies. Having a weekly show that has interviews, Q&A with the listeners, previews and more. Our show has over 2 million downloads since we started. I’d also be an event planner or promotions which I’ve done in the past for the music industry and recently gaming with Community Vibes 5. The Miami New Times called it “the #1 Super Bowl Party in South Florida.”


Godfree is founder and co-host of the GamerTag Radio podcast. You can find out more about the podcast at their website, To hear more from Godfree, follow him on Twitter.

Six Questions is a weekly Q&A with gaming community site leaders. The goal is to meet the folks who start online communities, to learn about why they do it, and to hear their different perspectives on what makes for a strong online community.

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  1. Godfree has been doing his thing for years – much respect!